Feedback from supporters


Many amazing people have held me up when I couldn’t hold myself up. Some of them have been kind enough to share their thoughts here.

Stephanie's grit, grace, and perseverance are awe inspiring. The obstacles she has overcome, and continues to work through, all while raising a faith filled family, are remarkable and ever admirable.

- Christi U. (Physician’s assistant)

Steph is my go-to person. I’ve sought her out countless times to guide me when I didn’t know the way. She is wise and not afraid to speak the Truth. She’s taken what the Lord has given her, both good and hard, and made each season into an altar for Him. I’m so excited to see how He uses her to encourage others in much the same way she has me!

- Sonya H. (Biblical counselor & high school teacher)

My wife and I witnessed Stephanie fight for her life. Her faith in Jesus and determination to keep fighting against the odds was and continues to inspire us to hope. Stephanie poured into others while her health declined. She is a walking miracle. Stephanie would encourage me when I was faced with adversity. Our situations were different; however, she and her husband continued to encourage me when things seemed bleak. They helped my marriage and they are dear to us.

- Zach H. (manager for personalized skincare line)

Stephanie has handled herself with poise and grace throughout the many trials in her life, her perseverance is something to be emulated.

- Heather S. (stay at home mom)

Stephanie and her husband were crucial role models for me (and eventually the woman who would become my wife). Over the years they showed me what Kingdom work looks like through discipleship, Bible study, and carrying each other’s burdens.

- Justin H. (college professor)

“The words I have for Stephanie Smith are too little because the impact has been so great. I remember vividly the very first time I met Steph. I was in her home for the first bible study for young professionals with my new church. I had heard all about her and her strong presence and wisdom, but when I met her, she was so little! But do not let that small body fool you about her big soul. Since that first night of meeting Steph, I have walked many seasons with her of deep valleys, high mountaintops, and fields of green. She has faced health battles, uncertainties with her life, career changes, desires unfulfilled, dreams taken away, new gifts being given, and all the in between. But the ONE constant is that she has stood on the rock of the Word of God as every storm crashed over her. She is intentional, honest, kind, and she has GRIT to keep pushing through; not because she is strong, but because she finds her strength in Jesus, the rock of our salvation. I have no doubt the Lord will continue to use her story to teach others about how they can run to that same rock and stand firm too.”

-Ashley C. (founder of Ashley Margaret)


Photo Credit: (Scott Trento)