A little bit about me…

Stephanie Tocci Smith Speaker Blogger

My Midwest upbringing led me on a journey through Southern and Midwestern states in childhood, college, and adulthood. I call Kentucky home and wish for waves and sand found far south of the bluegrass, black fences, and world class race horses that surround me. 

After a tour of public accounting, not for profit work, the health insurance industry, individual contribution, and leading large teams, I landed at home with my two kids. While they were learning to eat, walk, and talk, I was learning to survive life threatening health challenges no one could figure out. My days are not as dark as they used to be since I’ve found some answers to explain my years of issues. Some of the mystery remains, and I continue to press forward for a brighter tomorrow. 

My husband has been my greatest champion and the single greatest earthly reason I am here today. He lifted me up in my heartache, carried the load of our young family, and approached everything with an open mind and heart as we sought to find anything that might help us. As a family, we learned how to support each other, love each other, and hang on for a better tomorrow.

Before I had answers to my physical chaos but had successfully built some quality of life back, I returned to the health insurance industry to do what I love… think big, develop business ideas, build plans, and mobilize forces to make new things. While I loved rocking my corporate life, my health had a mind of its own. During a reduction in force, I had the choice to nurse my health and dreams of meeting with you here or to continue to advance my big business career. I suppose you know what I chose. 

Nine lives wouldn’t be enough to hold all my dreams and doings to make things happen. I’ve learned a lot about re-defining dreams and finding a new version of myself when life handed me lemons. If you’ve ever received a lemon and wanted to throw it back, stick with me. Together, let’s learn about growing where we are and turning that lemon into a pie. Perhaps the greatest of all dreams and doings happens in the space we’ve been given. Let’s re-think our dreams and find joy and Jesus in what can be today.



"Pure gold results from refinement by fire. The authenticity of Stephanie's faith and message flow from the purification of trial. The intentionality with which she has considered God's purpose in her story has led her to embrace life's pain and God's goodness as one purposeful truth. Stephanie's unique perspective has encouraged and challenged me to dig deep into the disappointments of life and find God faithful."

- Kiersten R. (homeschool mom)

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Credit to great thinkers

My growth in my worldview and skills were built over time on the shoulders of great thinkers and researchers who have gone before me. When my ability to read and comprehend new information returned, I consumed good literature. I credit Angela Duckworth, Tim Keller, Lysa TerKeurst, and Robin Jones Gunn among others with being instrumental in my own mental shift. Should you pick up their work and pursue your own mental shift, I am confident you will be blessed.


Photo credit: Bee Buck Photography